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We create products that combine world class user experiences with unparalleled end-to-end execution.

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What makes us different?

Ethos - We are different. We are Neon Roots
Ethos - We have discipline. We are Neon Roots

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We value character, style, and uniqueness. We infuse logic, simplicity, and science into our craft. Our results are always authentic, loved, and respected. We are Neon Roots®.

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Ethos - We have discipline. We are Neon Roots
Ethos - We are different. We are Neon Roots
Glia Case Study

Glia app

Glia aims to raise consumer awareness of the ethical, social, and political values held by businesses in our community. Within the first year alone, Glia raised $250k in seed funding, garnering the attention of TechCrunch and others.

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"Neon Roots® and the Rootstrap process transformed our complex idea with disparate information sources into a simple, intuitive experience that allows users to spend with a conscience."
Barry Klein Barry Klein CEO at Glia
Living Healthy Case Study


LivingHealthy is creating a passionate, engaged community that is involved in your most important conversations about your most important subject: wellness, told through the experiences of knowledgeable health experts and celebrities.

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"This team of developers, designers, agile enablers and open source ninjas empowers all of us 'dreamers' to be beautiful 'doers'."
Nan-Kirsten Forte Nan-Kirsten Forte Co-founder of WebMD, the magazine
NOWL Case Study


Snoop Dogg introduced NOWL on the SXSW stage this past year. It’s initial release led to thousands of downloads by the best informed early adopters in the world. NOWL lets you be everywhere and still live in the moment. With NOWL, you can find out what’s currently happening at the places that interest you most.

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"The Neon Roots® and Rootstrap teams have been invaluable development partners for Serendipitous. Their understanding of agile development coupled with their technical chops make each project extremely fun and exciting to work with them on."
Scott Chung Scott Chung CEO, Serendipitous, Inc.
Epson Case Study


Epson, the international tech giant, took its custom label printing solutions wireless by partnering with Neon Roots® to develop a digital recipe for success.

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"Neon Roots® created an exceptionally elegant label creation application that is a game-changer in our industry. They delivered a product that was very well received and we couldn't have been more pleased with the Neon Roots® team. Their development process and communication saved time and got the product to market quickly."
Kellan OConnor Kellan OConnor Epson New Ventures
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We partner with brands we believe in. It’s that simple. They inspire us, we inspire them. Together we have done great things and we will continue to innovate for them in the future.

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"We love your team and your work Neon Roots!"
Michael Peachey Michael Peachey VP, Solutions & Marketing at Salesforce
"We have worked with Neon Roots® on the development of several applications, each one has been successful in providing real value to our company, our employees and our customers. Their team is innovative both in terms of vision and the development process, I would recommend them to anyone looking to address business challenges with cutting edge technology"
Jackson Mercer Jackson Mercer Sr Director Digital Operations at
"Major game changers on the horizon"
Jesse Berger Jesse Berger President & Producer at Radical Studios
"These guys do sick work"
Steve Angello Steve Angello Grammy Award Winning DJ & Producer at .
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